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Whitney & Hannah Nom'd :: Christian Didn't Use Veto
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I spoke too soon. Skippy now has a camera on the cuddled couple--Alyssa and Christian. NM

July 20, 2021 02:53AM

NM = No Message
Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/20/2021 02:57AM by Chase4ever.

+ In their beds, Hannah, Brent and Derek X are chatting and lights are still on. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 01:57AM
- In the latrine lounge, Tiffany is talking with Christian. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 01:58AM
- Whitney appears with Tiffany and Christian who (Whitney) responded to coming from the diary room. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:10AM
- Another room was showing Britini (who left), Azah, Derek F and Frenchie--all reclining now. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:18AM
- Britini and Christian are next to the bathroom sinks talking game moves and showmances. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:22AM
- After a lengthy discussion about other hamsters and how to act, Christian departs to his bedroom where the lights were on but now turned off. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:35AM
- The next thing to occur is Christian hugs Alyssa who is in the bed next to his. They whisper and whisper. Finally, "Skippy" states: NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:39AM
- "Put on your microphone." No response, but she hugs him as he acts like someone who is sleeping. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:41AM
- No other room of the house is being shown, and he's definitely not asleep. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:43AM
- "Skippy" must have heard me, because now another room is showing with hamsters sleeping and someone snoring (probably Derek F). NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:46AM
- The reason I stated probably is due to hearing his snore at other times. "Skippy" didn't want to watch a possible showmance unfold, either. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:49AM
- Showmance? Shomance? You called? Lol Thanks Chase for the LNC updates! I read 'em every morning. NM - Shomance - July 20, 2021 02:53AM
- Shomance, Hugs and please excuse my delay. I was editing my notes--wild night in the BB house. So good to see You. :) NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:58AM
- I spoke too soon. Skippy now has a camera on the cuddled couple--Alyssa and Christian. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 02:53AM
- If the camera hadn't spooked them we may have had more than rubbing!!! NM - bamaJake - July 20, 2021 03:32AM
- Jake, I was truly grateful it didn't go any further than it did. NM - Chase4ever - July 20, 2021 12:49PM

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