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Taylor Won HoH
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+ He may be cute but I am getting tired of hearing Joseph's non-stop talking. He never stops. NM - Tennessee - 08/12/2022 12:32PM
- Yeah he talks like a boring lawyer who is full of himself. But he's cute, so there's that. Taylor is deciding whether to bang him NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:37PM
- I know she's got the horns going on, lol - but I don't think she should. It'll mess up her game. NM - C=Venus - 08/12/2022 01:59PM
+ spoilergirl says the players would be split up, half in house and half in the backyard. I have no idea how that would work. - Tennessee - 08/12/2022 12:29PM
- Neither does she, but that's the info coming out of the CBS Studio City facility. Half the HGs locked down in the backyard. NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:35PM
- It seems stupid bc there will be megaphones and airplane banners. This should be fun! NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:36PM
- The only way for them to truly split the house it to make the leftovers 3/4. I’m curious about that. NM - tigersmom0526 - 08/12/2022 01:32PM
+ Indy knows she's going up as a pond. She is predictably unhappy. But not as unhappy as Terrance lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:28PM
- Taylor told Terrance that he shouldn't throw the veto comp NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:32PM
- Why warn him? NM - C=Venus - 08/12/2022 02:02PM
+ Lots of confusion about the next Double Eviction day or week. Looks like 2 noms will both be evicted but veto unclear NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 07:38AM
+ Before I pull the plug for the night, the only 2 hamsters not being shown nor awake are Indy and Terrance. The other 9 are awake. NM - Chase4ever - 08/12/2022 04:13AM
- Jasmine is no longer being shown (had been with Michael b4). The remaining 8 are all in the HOH room. Night all. NM - Chase4ever - 08/12/2022 04:19AM
+ It's set: Tomorrow evening Terrance & Indy will be on the block NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:44AM
- I'll be checking in tomorrow, expect to see the nom ceremony wrapped up by 5 pm or so NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:46AM
+ Taylor goes downstairs to open a hard cider bottle, seems like Joseph's turn in the HoH, last one of the night NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:18AM
- Taylor explains to Joseph that Indy got a promise of safety & now she knows that Indy has to go up NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:22AM
- Joseph's focus is "Whatever helps the alliance" NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:22AM
- Joseph is tired of being a spy, it's just annoying lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:29AM
- Monte & Brittany come in & Joseph warns them to avoid being seen with Taylor as much as possible NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:30AM
- Turner pops in too NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:35AM
- They all believe Indy is the biggest competition threat now. Taylor is the strongest for evicting Terrance but she knows they're right NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:34AM
- All cams on HoH, I have no idea what's going on with the people downstairs NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:36AM
- Having a room full of Leftovers isn't a very good idea, if the others are awake NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:38AM
- They shouldn't...but when they split up...they end up in other alliances NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:44AM
- They're all solid with each other, the downside right now is the four losers figuring out there is a Leftover team NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:45AM
- Well, Daniel told them as much before he left. They already know whassup. NM - C=Venus - 08/12/2022 02:01PM
+ I try to read as much updates as I can...also I am only on FB..I see BB Vip and saw Daniel is broke...but no excuse to talk to a lady like that NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:02AM
- When she was praying for Nicole...extreme glad he left...I have been in Taylor shoes...praying for others then get attacked NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:06AM
- She's in a great place now, Taylor will finish up this week even stronger than she is now NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:15AM
- Keith...I can't wait to see Sunday how it turns out...thank u NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:35AM
- You're welcome! The really key event will be the Veto Ceremony on Monday morning. That's when everyone will know what Taylor really wants NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:37AM
- Keith...I will try to visit the board after work on Monday to see what she decides NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:41AM
- The best outcome would be Terrance & Indy still on the block & them knowing one of them is going to jury NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:42AM
- Yes...those two and jes...out...after that I am not sure NM - Galxistar - 08/12/2022 03:46AM
+ Kyle arrives in the HoH for a status update & instructions NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:56AM
- The keyword is "Chaotic" NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:57AM
- They're on the same page & big hugs & focused on making sure that no Leftovers go on the block NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:14AM
- Kyle would rather boot Indy over Terrance, but as long as one of them goes he's fine with it NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 03:17AM
+ Taylor & Michael mention how sad Terrance was when Elvis got flushed NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:42AM
- Taylor assures Michael that he & Brittany are her ride to the F3 NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:48AM
- Taylor acknowledges that the [BAD WORD] will hit the fan at the Veto Ceremony on Monday NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:51AM
+ Thanks for the updates Keith, Any ideas of what the “show within a show” is going to be? NM - Markus - 08/12/2022 02:33AM
- Two HoH's w each of them making a nom. Starting next Thursday NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:34AM
- Ok thanks! NM - Markus - 08/12/2022 02:35AM
- Welcome! High probability but not certain NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:40AM
+ Taylor doesn't want to have a Leftover team member on the block for Eviction Night. No way she will take that risk. NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:32AM
- Michael is concerned about Kyle & Joseph working as secret agents. Now that besties is over, it's pointless NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:33AM
+ Good Morning, Keith. I counted 9 hamsters still awake--me, not so much. NM - Chase4ever - 08/12/2022 02:27AM
- Get some sleep! I'm good for another hour or two. Terrance is the target but the path is tricky NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:28AM
- Keith, Thanks for all of the updates. I'll be in the sidelines this time but mostly silent with appreciaiton for you keeping others up 2 date. : NM - Chase4ever - 08/12/2022 02:33AM
- Welcome! Team Leftover is tight & going to last another week NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:34AM
+ Taylor & Michael now. They're comfortable. She tells him that one of the women has to go up, even though she told them none will NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:26AM
- She's not going to put up Kyle or Alyssa because someone has to bang in the house & they're it NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:27AM
- Michael is worried about Indy now, because she did so well on the wall comp NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:30AM
+ Taylor about Indy & Jazz: They always lie to me, so I can lie to them NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:21AM
- At this point it seems that initial noms will be Indy & Terrance w Terrance the target NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:22AM
+ This week Taylor will be satisfied with evicting Terrance. She's sold a bunch of Monte tickets & she will keep him safe NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:10AM
- In that context the only difficulty would be Terrance wins a veto NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:11AM
- Turner makes a good pitch about putting up two women. Monte likes that too. Taylor is not smiling during those pitches NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:13AM
- Brittany points out that all those women have been backstabbing from the start, so why give them anything now NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:15AM
+ Brittany up next & you know we can count on two things: Real Game Talk & Big Googly Eyes NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:56AM
- SQUEEEEEEEEEE NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:59AM
- "Obviously the target is Monte" NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:00AM
- Turner walks in on the convo & then Monte walks in on the convo. Suddenly the HoH room is full of BS NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:06AM
- OR NOT. She promises Monte he will not be backdoored NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:07AM
- She's not going to evict Jazz or Alyssa or Indy. The game becomes put Monte vs Terrance & Terrance gets evicted NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 02:08AM
+ Also just can’t stand her going back and forth between hood and a country bumpkin NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:54AM
- Country Hoodkin lmao NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:55AM
- She's certainly a rather unique flavor of Americana ... bless her heart! NM - Layla - 08/12/2022 10:27AM
+ I’m ALL about game play!! Idgaf if a woman or man wins, black or white.. BUT I B go with personalities, and Jasmine has been doing nothing NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:44AM
- I understand. I don't like watching Jazz on the feeds. She's worthless in the game. She's an F2 Pond. That's all she is NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:47AM
- ... but this week she's a vote. And she will vote however Taylor tells her to vote. NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:49AM
- I agree, I just hate seeing someone coast by being SUCH a fake… drives me CRAZY NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:49AM
- This girl Jazz talked pretty bad about Taylor, and y’all’s about knowing people are being fake!! Well.. call the kettle black NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:51AM
- All true. But from Taylor's perspective losing Jazz doesn't help her chances of going to F2 at all NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:54AM
+ With women who couldn’t stand her!! ESPECIALLY Jasmine!! She’s the biggest snake of anyone left in game NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:42AM
- ...and that doesn't matter at all because Jazz will never win a comp. Never ever ever lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:44AM
+ Woman have to be a backdoor option. Most of the left over alliance are male. - Patricklange1983 - 08/12/2022 01:36AM
- Nope. She's going after men. Period. Never stopped saying it. That's her path to a new, strong support team: women NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:38AM
- What if Terrance wins veto? She has to put up a woman. NM - Patricklange1983 - 08/12/2022 02:44AM
+ Bootsy waddles in. Birfday Birfday! NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:34AM
- Ah'm all ABOUT women empowerment NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:35AM
- So much BULLSHIPPING just put a candy bar in her mouth and send her back downstairs NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:38AM
- Taylor wants to put up two weak ponds so she can win Veto while she's HoH NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:43AM
+ Alyssa in the HoH. Taylor says she no longer has any sworn enemies in the house. Alyssa is not touching the block & Kyle probably won't either NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:28AM
- Alyssa drops a sincere Thank You & they both like Kyle. MONTE has a big target & she'll use two ponds... NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:30AM
- ...but sometimes the way Taylor talks about her target, it seems it might be Michael NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:37AM
+ Seems clear Taylor's move is to backdoor Monte, with two guys as ponds. Kyle is safe. Taylor tells Indy she's safe NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:25AM
+ Why ISN’T JASMINE the obvious target??? NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:23AM
- Several reasons. Biggest one is she's a woman & it's her birthday & then you know she'll never win anything NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:26AM
+ Live feeds this season seem to be MUCH BETTER NM - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:21AM
- They are! Tonight is GREAT FEEDS NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:27AM
- Thank you ... I've put off subscribing but will now cave in. :-) NM - Layla - 08/12/2022 10:17AM
+ Is Taylor for real? - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:17AM
- Think about this: It's opposite day. All the girls mistrust Taylor. This is her way of bridging that gap. The women are all safe. NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:27AM
+ Who wants to see Taylor's HoH ROOM!!! Right now! NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:34AM
- Taylor's biggest cheerleader is her mom "super proud of you..." NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:36AM
- Terrance can't smile, not even close. He hears the footsteps headed his way NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:40AM
- Joseph, on the other hand, has a BIG BEAMING SMILE on his face. You can tell he's going to do his best to knock up Taylor this summer lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:41AM
- Brittany beams a big smile & she didn't even do GOOGLY EYES during the smile :D NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:43AM
- Monte is smiling, but a not quite sure of himself sort of smile. If I had to bet right now, the noms will be Monte & Terrance w Monte the Pond NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:45AM
- Terrance just looks GRIM like he knows he earned a whuppin & Daddy has a big switch in his hand NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:48AM
- really?? - BigbadBBDAD - 08/12/2022 01:19AM
- He knows when he's being BS'd. He's almost certain to go up as a Pond NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 01:26AM
- LAYS: all the flavors NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:56AM
- Hahaaa! I just popped into this site and was hoping to see the alert on top that "Taylor won HoH". My wish just came true! :-) NM - Layla - 08/12/2022 10:20AM
+ Of all the lines spoken tonight, my fave is Michael's goodbye to Dan. "idiot sandwich ... I'd say good game but I'd be lying" NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:18AM
- Next is: Taylor to Alyssa "You guys are lame" Alyssa "That's why I want to have sex, let me have sex" Taylor "Yes, YEAH" lmao NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:20AM
- So Kyle's gonna get some for the CLOWN SHOW FACTOR lmfao I mean really just lmfao NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:21AM
- I think Taylor & Alyssa will be FRIENDS FOR LIFE unless Taylor accidentally evicts Alyssa hehe NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:35AM
+ So far all the women are safe. Kyle is safe. Terrance is definitely not safe lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:15AM
+ They're going to make us wait another hour or two for the HoH reveal lol NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:15AM
- Only missed that guess by an hour and 45 minutes NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:57AM
+ Jassime suffers from what my fifth grade teacher called "Diarrhea of the mouth" NM - taxgirl50 - 08/11/2022 08:16PM
- Extreme! NM - Keith X - 08/11/2022 09:30PM
- I got in trouble for talking in primary school lots of times, but mostly because I made people laugh out loud so we got caught NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:22AM
+ I do not think she will - after what she went through. NM - Susan - 08/11/2022 07:54PM
+ Since the feeds are down, I'm going to leave but sure enjoyed the Podcast with all 3 of you Peeps. Night all. NM - Chase4ever - 08/11/2022 07:53PM
- Taylor HOH - BigbadBBDAD - 08/11/2022 07:56PM
- BBDad, I agree, and that was great news. NM - Chase4ever - 08/11/2022 08:04PM
- Night Chase, have a good one! NM - Markus - 08/11/2022 07:57PM
- Markus, Thank you, and I hope the same for you. :) NM - Chase4ever - 08/11/2022 08:03PM
- Take care & be well Chase & know that for tonight at least, nobody in the house is getting any ;) NM - Keith X - 08/12/2022 12:23AM
- Thanks, Keith, and that's a relief, too. NM - Chase4ever - 08/12/2022 02:31AM
+ Early this morning she and Joseph said they will take each other as far as they can in the game. NM - taxgirl50 - 08/11/2022 07:51PM
- That's definitely true! NM - Keith X - 08/11/2022 07:53PM
- Taylor wins!! Awesome - BigbadBBDAD - 08/11/2022 07:54PM
+ Indy & Alyssa. I do not think she goes against any leftovers. NM - Susan - 08/11/2022 07:44PM
- That's entirely possible NM - Keith X - 08/11/2022 07:45PM
- I agree with you, Susan NM - C=Venus - 08/11/2022 07:49PM
+ Venus, I'm with you in wanting Taylor to win. NM - Chase4ever - 08/11/2022 07:40PM
- I'm so happy (((Chase)))!!! NM - C=Venus - 08/11/2022 07:41PM
- Venus, Thanks for your hugs, and smiling back with hugs for you, too. NM - Chase4ever - 08/11/2022 07:42PM
- She won!!! NM - Markus - 08/11/2022 07:41PM
- Yay! NM - Aelise - 08/11/2022 07:42PM
+ Lmao Finley, with your Jasmine voice! NM - Markus - 08/11/2022 07:39PM
+ Hahahaha Hahahaha NM - Galxistar - 08/11/2022 07:37PM
+ Indy down NM - Cathy - 08/11/2022 07:36PM