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BINGO! You got a winner. I agree 100%. NM

September 13, 2017 08:23PM

NM = No Message

+ From Reddit spoiler poster POV winner inside. - csnet - September 13, 2017 08:00PM
- Not surprised Paul won veto NM - Cathy - September 13, 2017 08:03PM
- How they know that this is all happening? NM - Cheeseboy1983 - September 13, 2017 08:09PM
- This is the same Reddit spoiler who has been accurate 100% for the last several years. IMO they are in BB production NM - csnet - September 13, 2017 08:10PM
- I wonder which comp Paul chose to have production set up for him to win this time. NM - matersamich - September 13, 2017 08:17PM
- The first person to correctly identify 5 faces of Paul's 6th grade classmates in a collage of 20 children faces wins veto! NM - csnet - September 13, 2017 08:22PM
- Oh Please matersamich . NM - Rusty - September 13, 2017 08:23PM
- BINGO! You got a winner. I agree 100%. NM - 007BB - September 13, 2017 08:23PM
- Thank you csnet NM - Rusty - September 13, 2017 08:22PM
- yw! NM - csnet - September 13, 2017 08:26PM
- Crap! Not again? I'm totally convinced that Paul was "decided" winner before this season started. The season was simply executing the plan. He's - 007BB - September 13, 2017 08:22PM
- Oh please 007BB NM - Rusty - September 13, 2017 08:24PM
- Rusty, I'm sorry but I believe that. Allison Grodner would do that in a New York second. NM - 007BB - September 13, 2017 08:27PM
- oh please Rusty, you know Paul used and abused people while smiling all the time, Paul is a coward for not doing his own work NM - Amethyst - September 13, 2017 08:30PM
- Kevin did mention the 150,000 Paul agreed to pay him while they were playing pool. yeah dirty coward gonna win and some ppl think may think - Amethyst - September 13, 2017 08:35PM
- Sorry Amethyst I don't agree. He worked hard, and with that I'm out . To negative here. I come here to have fun with all of you - Rusty - September 13, 2017 08:59PM
- I'm sorry (((rusty))) I think he worked hard too, and while I don't agree with all of his tactics, I found most of the other houseguests - skarlett - September 13, 2017 09:05PM
- I agree. Allison Grodner has perfected how to get her favorite to the end, after being disappointed her pectacular did not succeed. NM - csnet - September 13, 2017 08:26PM
- If it is true that Allison or production set up this entire game for Paul to win, that would mean all of these people were in on it? Were they - skarlett - September 13, 2017 08:48PM
- Not all were in "on" it but Kevin was offered the 150;000 and Paul told him they cannot talk about the deal. They were playing pool. It is some - Amethyst - September 13, 2017 09:01PM
- Skarlett, what you're saying is likely closer to the truth. I'm not saying it was all set up with all the HGs. But, I have no doubt Paul was - 007BB - September 13, 2017 09:14PM
- Interesting thought 007 as earlier on I think some of the hgs said listen to Paul he's played before and Paul constantly reminded everyone NM - Cathy - September 13, 2017 09:20PM
- 007BB, I totally agree with you there, I believe there was a lot of manipulation going on in the DR, but that happens every year to it just - skarlett - September 13, 2017 09:21PM
- I also think that Christmas is one of the biggest snakes in that house and has shown her true colors, I can't believe I used to like her so muc NM - skarlett - September 13, 2017 09:22PM
- I won't be surprised if producers pays the houseguests to keep Paul safe all this time. NM - Cheeseboy1983 - September 13, 2017 11:05PM
- he probably asked for 3 weeks safety in his contract. he is also earning more than the hg too NM - kimber - September 13, 2017 08:58PM

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