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Josh & Ramses Nom'd :: Jessica Is HoH :: Cody Returned

+ lol. Jason says his baby is brilliant. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 11:27PM
- He went to have not room & cried a bit & JOSH saw him & said you had a MOMENT he did not want to be seen as a cry baby!, NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:28PM
- Jason is really missing his lil baby boy & WIFE! his boy is about 2 or 3 y/o & cute. i saw him on our local news they did a story on Jason NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:30PM
- aw after everybody left the room, Jason cried cause he was talking about his baby. tried hiding it when Josh came in. Josh begs him to cry more. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 11:30PM
- Jason worked thru it he shed a couple tears & then did some push ups ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:31PM
+ Paul & RAVEN talking & cooking the frys now !most are hanging out in money room ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:27PM
+ so they have POV comp tomorrow & they want the BY but seems it wont be still sunday Kevin loves being in BY NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:16PM
- Kevin needs a haircut he is wearing a MINI man BUN on top of his head LOL looks like what i do NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:17PM
- ALEX & JASON looking for JOSH something stuff he said at the NOM they think he is in DR now!i think he is have not room NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:20PM
- OH ALEX & JASON playing around like they are siblings too funny ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:21PM
- Sounds like they are wising up to Paul playing all sides, Alex says they should pin him down NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 11:22PM
- JOSH just showed up in the Kitchen not sure if he came from the DR or not ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:23PM
- and 10 minutes ago Kevin said to Jason and Alex that they need to keep Josh and Christmas around for votes. NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 11:25PM
- Yeah that group is pretty solid except for the wildcard which is josh. NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 11:27PM
+ Paul is setting up to make his frys others have scattered to different rooms, Kevin/Jason/Alex goofing off, Raven talking to PAUL NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:12PM
- did not catch it but RAVEN told PAUL something about her MOM no one else knows she said ?? NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:12PM
- my feeds crashed on me so i missed what she said ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:13PM
- OK it was stuff about DOM saying she was very condescending * cocky to all of them ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:14PM
+ KEVIN called CHAT over & had them all give a big group hug & to be kind too much hate in world ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:07PM
- KEVIN is sketchy on who he really alligns with PAUL i am fairly sure & he likes JASON a lot! too ! ALEX is also up there with him ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:09PM
+ Group Hug...Group Hug...They all love each other! Hmmmm! NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 11:07PM
- ya that won't last long LOL NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:07PM
- Correct! NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 11:08PM
+ Does Paul just sit back while they prep the food for him? NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 11:04PM
- pretty much ! but he does help prep food too he hardly eats tho even when he cooks ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:06PM
+ Christmas went to kitchen & is cutting up the Frys now! giving RAVEN a break, she has been really good helping with cooking prep since she hurt NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:01PM
- MATT is a cleaning machine in the Kitchen he is ALWAYS washing everything down doing dishes etc. almost every eve. NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:02PM
- nnow PAUL is going to make a huge mess after he cleaned up that stove,i know he won't clean it up ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 11:05PM
+ Cody & JESS are up in the HOH now talking GAME PLAY. he is listening to her But he is not happy one bit with the rest of the house! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:55PM
- Jess is telling CODY about how DOM isolated herself & he said DOM told him some stuff during comp but he did not catch it ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:55PM
- JESS tells Cody to basically chill the HG are all cooped up in house so they get more ramped up but in real life probably whole different folks NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:57PM
- JESSICA is now in control of Cody at this point . we will see how this keeps going he sat & reread her letter from her MOM, NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:59PM
- Lites out & they go to take a shower together LOL & feeds cut to kitchen ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:59PM
- LOL I was just about to post that NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 11:00PM
+ So what I've gathered in the last hour or so Josh thinks he's leaving but Ramses is the house Target and Jess thinks ramses is her minion and - skarlett - 07/21/2017 10:42PM
- YES i think that is what i am hearing too ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:43PM
- I'm not as good as you are at this Great granny Peg LOL but I have been enjoying listening to the kitchen group and that's what I've been heari NM - skarlett - 07/21/2017 10:47PM
- Thanks for the update. I cannot hear with these freaking AC's on. So, they want to backdoor Paul? NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 10:50PM
- I thought someone said Cody wants to back door Paul which is what I would assume would be his plan NM - skarlett - 07/21/2017 10:51PM
- SKARLETT i did hear him say that on tonights show but not since live feeds. i am sure that is the plan ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:53PM
- i try but i miss a lot of stuff toowhispering stuff is very hard unless you can use headphones sadly my new puter & headphones not compatible NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:53PM
+ RAVEN & MATT have the Kitchen all washed up & now RAven is cutting up the taters for PAUL to make frys for the have nots in a while! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:40PM
+ the eve CHAT continues by asking each other about first dates & what type of partner in looks etc they are looking for ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:31PM
- BBAD poll said MATT is a dating role model/ better boyfriend material NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:35PM
- Matt seems like a really nice guy. BUT, I'm wondering when & if he's going to play BB NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 10:37PM
- Kevin is very agreeable with christmas explaining the type of fella she likes! they have to be confident able to command a room but not blowhard NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:38PM
- CODY tells his ideal gal of course it describes JESS LOL said mexican /latino /dark hair & eyes about 5ft2 -5ft 5in tall etc etc NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:43PM
- JASON is telling he got a tatto at 17y/o cause his sister made him go with her he said it was to painful & he got 2 doves & left! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:45PM
- Jasons story was hilarious when he was 17, i relate cause he is from a farm in back woods IOWA, small town.ya do what ya gotta do ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:50PM
+ RAVEN went into chat area with a plate of cookies i think the have nots are drooling they have about 2 hours left ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:29PM
- RAVEN is trying to get her game play point across to MATT but he tells her she does not understand what he is trying to get at or say . NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:32PM
- i heard her say Alex/Jason/HER/ Matt.& they think jessica thinks she has RAMSES in her pocket now ! LOL NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:33PM
- it is looking tonight RAMSES will be evicted this week if things work out ok ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:34PM
- I like Matt and Raven as a couple, they act very silly and then when they're alone they strategize NM - skarlett - 07/21/2017 10:37PM
- Yeah skarlett. Classy & mature & respectful to one another NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 10:40PM
- The more I watch them the more I like the way they interact even when they're silly, they seem to be a genuine NM - skarlett - 07/21/2017 10:49PM
+ Who gets to eat at midnight? Jason and who else? NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 10:26PM
- Ramses and Mark I think NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:27PM
- Jason,Ramses/mark JOSH has a 2nd week on slop ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:28PM
- Ak! I forgot Josh gambled and got the 2nd week of slop like Jason did the week before NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:30PM
- Not gremlins. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 10:28PM
+ Why is Cody always shirtless? BB makes him? NM - liljimeo - 07/21/2017 10:20PM
+ Chat continues as JASON talks about where he takes his wife if Grandma keeps his son all night! they go get a massage in the huge city of - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:16PM
- most say they enjoy going to stay over night in a hotel & maybe see a movie or stage show go to Dinner etc NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:17PM
- KEVIN asked if the guys like a woman dressed up in PEARLS? that is very classy ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:18PM
- CODY & JESS have Joined the CHAT too !he seems to be acting decent right now more sociable NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:19PM
- I have high hopes for him. Maybe he learned something after being evicted. NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 10:21PM
- Kevin said he takes his wife to Dinner on the waterfront. he does not go to a Hotel he has a nice house now! & he was able to get his house by - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:27PM
+ Christmas is in pain and Paul wants her to start "slicing and dicing" dinner so he can keep talking? NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 10:12PM
- she will help she always does but i think she is waiting to get her meds for DR first. NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:13PM
- I think she has to wait 15 minutes until 10:30. NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:14PM
- She needs to keep her foot up and she is barely hanging on until pain-pill time. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 10:13PM
+ Cody's in the kitchen talking with Jess & Matt & seems relaxed & smiling NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 10:05PM
- YES i think he may have got a good talking too & learned a lesson! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:07PM
+ Kevin is on fire tonight, lmao NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 10:01PM
- KEVIN has not had a chance to sit & tell his storys & give his advice the last 3 days ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:02PM
- ALEX joins the group as ELENA talks about what the fella resembles she would date she is saying a younger ex presidentlooking guy! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:03PM
- Mark has joined this group Chat now to he is smiling listening to ELENA talk ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:05PM
- she wants a guy sort of tall he has to have a lil dimple NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:06PM
- NOW ideal first date MArk says a nice Walk near some water & just to sit & chat ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:08PM
- Alex said her 1st date is maybe out to casino she will go to the dudes house but tells them her family know exactly where to track her down if NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:10PM
- OH ALEX said she likes to go to play virtual reality games & where those goggles etc ! she likes to do fun stuff NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:11PM
- Sure he has, we just haven't seen it NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 10:04PM
+ I want Alex, Xmas, and maybe NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 10:00PM
- Jason as the final 3 now NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 10:01PM
- i would be good with those also ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:12PM
- Who have they nominated. Josh and Ramses? NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 10:15PM
- Yep. Maybe a backdoor plan NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:16PM
- I bet you're right. Hope it's Paul NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 10:17PM
- I heard him saying something like..he appreciated the honesty to Cody. So maybe they told him NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 10:18PM
- I think Paul's safety includes this week unfortunately, so it may have to be someone else NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:22PM
+ meanwhile in the CHAT ELENA continues to talk about what she neds to happen to get a date from a guy !i guess she just meets & greets at this po NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:00PM
+ NEW FACT JESSICA just said the tennis player STEPH GRAFF is her 2nd cousin but she has never spoke to her in her whole life ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:56PM
- very possible a lot of 2nd cousins never ever meet or know each other now on modern times!. they just know the family tree a bit ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:57PM
- I wondered if she is related to American Ninja Warrior finalist Jessie Graff NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:00PM
- HMM she never mentioned that ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 10:01PM
- Jessie Graff competing... - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:03PM
- Steffi and BB Jessica spell their name Graf. ANW Jessie is Graff. NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 10:03PM
- Ah ok thanks! NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:04PM
+ Weird nominations. I guess they're just on an island at 'this point NM - mmic23 - 07/21/2017 09:55PM
+ Will be immediately turning off any feed that has Jody. I'd rather watch Paul. Yes, I said that. NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 09:51PM
- it is like watching high schol or college kids just starting a new love relationship! lots of kissy face crap & lil play stuff NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:53PM
- That's how I feel about Paul. I turned off the feed he's on. Cannot take him. He's so last season. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:58PM
- ^^^THIS!! NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:00PM
- That's how I felt - until Jody. They nauseate me. NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 10:05PM
- Hence why Paul and Jody are equally unwatchable for me. NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 10:09PM
- Yeah I know and laughing too hard at lame jokes NM - clusk1020 - 07/21/2017 09:58PM
+ Christmas saying her foot is in a LOT of pain right now she has to wait about 30 mins for meds. she thinks the comp & - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:50PM
- She said she got a 3 wheel scooter while feeds were off and had a fall. So her foot is hurting from that fall not the comp apparently. NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:52PM
- she had a bad fall the night before feeds went of when she slipped on grease in the kitchen floor. no clue when she got her knee scooter NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:54PM
- Yes she had the foot break, the grease fall and the 3 wheel scooter fall. Isn't 3 enough? I want her luck to change NOW! lol NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:56PM
- She said the 3 wheeler is not as stable like the 4 wheeler we saw she got a few days ago NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:55PM
- I feel awful for her. It kills me seeing her like this. I was most looking forward to seeing her compete. She would have been a beast. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:57PM
- YES she would have ben a huge Comp beast if only !! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:58PM
+ Having Renny in the house with Kevin would be a hoot NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:43PM
- That would be funny NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 09:48PM
+ NOW we have PAUL'S Friendship CHAT in the apple room with KEVIN/Jason right now! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:41PM
- ELENA tells the chat group she has never been on a real date except the 1 guy she was with for several years! this was back in HS NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:52PM
+ All this food stuff is making me hungry... grrr NM - Keith X - 07/21/2017 09:36PM
- I'm eating cashews & almonds NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:37PM
- It always makes me hungry too. NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:38PM
+ Matt/Raven/Christmas want to keep JOSH cause he will do what they tell him & plan to vote out RAMSES NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:35PM
+ Seems like the HOH comp was the one from last season when they had to stand & hold on to the rope/string for as long as possible! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:32PM
- It was similar to the BBOTT comp that Alex won holding a sword against a disc the longest NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:33PM
- Yes csnet! I enjoyed that comp. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:37PM
- sounds like Christmas made a deal with Jess and let her win HOH. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 09:36PM
- I would think Christmas would not have been able to compete in it. NM - Bonda - 07/21/2017 09:38PM
- According to the spoiler who has been correct on everything else, she and Jess were the last 2 standing NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:40PM
- Which also seems accurate because now her foot hurts like hell. Christmas is beautifully badass NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:42PM
- Beautiful indeed. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:43PM
- :) NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:45PM
- I am surprised they let her compete NM - Bonda - 07/21/2017 09:46PM
- I agree. If it was an endurance comp, don't see how she could last very long on 1 leg. NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:40PM
- apparently she was allowed to have the scooter for her foot while she held the disc in place. Still is endurance not being able to move NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:44PM
- OK! Thanks NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:46PM
- According the the spoiler, Jess offerred a deal to Christmas 1 hour before it ended that Christmas turned down. Christmas just - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:39PM
+ PAUL is in the kitchen talking about last seasons COMPS while JESS & Cody sitting at the Kitchen, NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:31PM
- Matt works at washing up some of the kitchen mess! never see ELENA help do dishes or cook LOL NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:32PM
- Divas do not do dishes! They just look charming! NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:33PM
+ When did Christmas get the little scooter? 1st time I've seen it. But I've missed a lot lately. NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:30PM
- Just recently. NM - GL - 07/21/2017 09:32PM
- Thanks GL NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:33PM
+ ALEX has her bed back & PAULl is in between her & KEVIN,i guess JASON will get the big couch in that room! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:29PM
+ Last few days it was Dom talking to "people" and now it's Josh talking to "people". NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:28PM
- His family is probably cringing at all this. If they're still watching at this point. NM - liljimeo - 07/21/2017 09:29PM
+ JOSH alone in HAVE NOT room talking to his parents he is talking about being disrespected & CODY is at the TOP of his list ! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:22PM
- He is truly crazy. NM - Butter - 07/21/2017 09:23PM
- At some point I c production removing all knives - Josh is that kind of crazy NM - liljimeo - 07/21/2017 09:28PM
- Josh calls CODY Shady & he is going home he is just s apiece of poo! he is a poor competitor NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:23PM
- I think Dom has possessed him. NM - PowerofVeto - 07/21/2017 09:24PM
- Hope he gets the boot this week. Or Mark, that would be cool too NM - Keith X - 07/21/2017 09:24PM
- Josh is the only hg in this history of BB like Josh lol- I hope he goes to final 3 - liljimeo - 07/21/2017 09:26PM
- These dolts need to worry less about being disrespected and more about being someone that earns respect. NM - GL - 07/21/2017 09:26PM
+ Jason has a LOT of YOU TUBE videos of him doing his ROdeo stuff! & OLE NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:19PM
+ what ever was cooked JESS & CODY decide to join for supper i guess! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:15PM
- it seems RAVEN & ALEX fixed several pans of food/casseroles?? NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:17PM
- Pre-made chicken parm is one dish. NM - kaper - 07/21/2017 09:19PM
+ Perfect timing - feeds came back just as Live PD ended. NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 09:15PM
- Love that show! Missed it tonight. NM - bbcoco - 07/21/2017 09:16PM
- Never miss it. Hate when it's reruns. I need my fix! NM - Where is Jeff - 07/21/2017 09:47PM
+ CODY is already acting like a DICK up in the HOH being so mighty over rest of the house !!JESS is HOH AS he drinks what she requested as a joke! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:12PM
- Jess is feeding the fish i guess! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:13PM
- I had hopes that Cody would get a personality and play different this time. He needs to get over the military mission approach. NM - 007BB - 07/21/2017 09:17PM
+ Momma pointed it out yesterday that she's sick of Matt's orange shirt. So am I. Has he ever worn any other shirt/ NM - CrazyForBB - 07/21/2017 09:12PM
- WHY od COURSE have you not seen him in all his many BLUE tee shirts ? NM - greatgranny peg - 07/21/2017 09:13PM
- Yes he has a cheap, ratty blue tshirt NM - Keith X - 07/21/2017 09:14PM
- A blue one. I still think Matt was recruited from a 1990s All Cotton Dockers ad. NM - csnet - 07/21/2017 09:14PM
- ...or production stole most of his clothes & gave him cheap crap from Target ;) NM - Keith X - 07/21/2017 09:16PM