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Moments of Weakness

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Typically in Big Brother, the show is defined by moments of Houseguests stepping up and becoming the great gamers we knew they could be. Rachel, as an example, won Big Brother 13 by stepping out of Brendon’s shadow and playing her own game. Two years ago, Ian showed the kind of player he was by engineering Mike “Boogie’s” eviction. This season, however, has seen a different focus. Time and time again, we have seen potentially great players fall victim to a moment of weakness in their game that changed the course of the season.

This week’s HoH run by Cody showed one such moment, and although it may prove beneficial in the long run his allowance of that weakness to come through proved to be game-changing once more.

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Victoria Used Veto – Brittany & Donny Nominated

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When Victoria won the Veto this week, everybody knew that there would need to be a replacement nominee. With Cody as HOH and most of the house in some alliance or another with him, the choices were quite limited. With the opportunity ripe for a backdoor, Zach and a few other housemates tried to convince Cody to target and get rid of Caleb, the biggest threat to Cody’s game.

However, Brittany remained the target for the majority of his alliance members as she is more of a threat to their games, and Cody was convinced to make a move to benefit them, not himself. When the feeds returned to show Donny sitting next to Brittany, it showed how little Cody understands this game, and I’ll be laughing when Caleb is instrumental in evicting him. It’s just a matter of time.


Cody HOH – Victoria & Brittany Up – Victoria Wins Veto

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Frankie and Cody moved in to the HOH room on Thursday night, after being the first to collect 12 eggs in the team chicken wire competition, Devilled Eggs. Frankie was dethroned, yet again, the next day as his nominees Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the block against Brittany and Victoria, leaving Cody as HOH. With only the Veto between them and facing eviction on Thursday night, Britt and Victoria knew they needed to pull out a win.

In a World Cup dominated by Germany in Brazil, so it was in the Big Brother House. This weeks Veto was the always anticipated Prize/Punishment, with Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Nicole, Caleb and Zach as the lucky (or unlucky) players and Frankie as the Host. I’m looking forward to seeing him in his element, and I’m expecting an accent.

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Done, By Design

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It isn’t often that a week goes as smoothly for a Head of Household as it did for Derrick this week. From the beginning, every move he made to get his ultimate target out was set for success and performed by a House united in its belief that the biggest, strongest and most dangerous Houseguest of the season needed to go. One Houseguest was convinced to put himself up to ensure that this happened, and by the time the Veto Ceremony took place there was very little question how the week would end.

Indeed, for Devin the hope that he would remain in the House evaporated faster than any one could predict – and his acceptance of this loss was the icing on the cake that was delivered to feed watchers and Houseguests alike.

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Donny Vetos Jocasta – Caleb and Devin Nominated

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Today at the Veto Ceremony, Donny used his power to save his recovering friend off the block. After feeling ill and dehydrated after playing – and losing – in the Battle of the Block Competition, she was unable to compete for herself in Veto. Donny, as her close friend promised to win for her, and when he proved victorious, a touching scene went down off-feed. Fondly recalled by the house guests, Donny dashed to Jocasta’s bedside, waking her with the news she was safe and would be around for another week. She cried. He cried. I can’t wait to see it.

With a nominee now needed, Mission: Get Devin Out was a GO and Derrick was one step closer to achieving his goal when he placed Devin on the Block. With the rest of the week still ahead with the long empty days, there’s not much to do, except gameplay. Devin seems to have given up for now, though if he catches wind of any plan to flip to evict Caleb, he’ll surely campaign.

What exactly will happen when the votes drop on Thursday is up in the air, though my thought is Devin will not be able to avoid the axe.

Whatever happens, I’ll have a great time watching.

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