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Masterminded, Blindsided and Being Shown The Door

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There are times in Big Brother where a Houseguest has no idea how much their game is being influenced by another player’s efforts. Whether it be because of some real or imagined slight, a game move or simply because of someone moving their game forward, players across the seasons have had their games destroyed with no real knowledge of their own until it was too late. This is the point behind the backdooring strategy, as an example – get the person out without knowing they were the target.

The latest victim of this type of play, Zach, operated for weeks never knowing that 3 players were using him as their toy in the game – and his cluelessness to the machinations being played out around him was a testament to a player who was fun to watch, but weak when it came to playing this game. Read more

The Big Brother Experience

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Over the years, the phenomenon of the “Superfan Houseguest” has developed. These are the Big Brother Houseguests that have been longtime fans of the show – either through watching the show on CBS, or even subscribing to the Feeds. Some of these players have been very successful in their runs on Big Brother, using their understanding of the game to get them to Endgame (or even win, in the case of Ian). There are the fans who have ben successful in more limited ways, usually by underestimating the stress and challenge of the game – these players, while making a good run, have far more often than not burned out before the end (in this sense, McCrae comes to mind). Then, there are the players who are simply looking for the “Big Brother Experience” – the ability to be in the House, to see it all and enjoy everything without actually stepping up and playing the game fully.

In this regard, Nicole was the exemplar of this type of HouseGuest – and in this regard, her time in the House can be regarded as a success for herself. Read more

Christine HOH, Zach Wins OTEV

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Yesterday Frankie won the BotB, without Caleb (also winning an outside-the-house football excursion for himself, Caleb and Christine), sending Nicole back downstairs. With Christine the sole HOH and Donny and Zach potentially facing eviction, Saturdays Veto Competition was the only way to be sure of their safety. Playing along with Christine, Zach and Donny were Nicole Caleb and Derrick who got to experience the classic OTEV competition.

This time, Gilbert Godfrey seemingly voiced the almost cruel (according to the housemates) God of Veto, Otev and sent the players searching for their fallen housemates names in an obstacle filled swamp course. Action abound as there were dives, crashes, and Zach and Caleb tussling, the latter throwing the former away by the neck, apparently.

Zach came away the winner and will, of course, be saving himself come Mondays Veto Ceremony, meaning Christine will be naming a replacement nominee so sit beside Donny on Thursday. As of now signs point to Victoria being the pawn yet again, since it’s believed Donny is now the target. That could change, though. Stay tuned.

The Difference A Day Makes

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In Big Brother, the difference between “going home” and “ruling the roost” – and vice-versa – an be as little as one day – or even one hour - of game time. Many seasons past have seen alliances fall apart due to the dreaded Double Eviction days where two Houseguests go home in the span of an hour. Fallout from the Double Eviction can wreck a person’s entire game (witness Jordan and Shelly’s blowout after Jeff’s eviction in BB13).

In the span of a day, Nicole went from “possible removal of a known enemy” to “enemy remaining and two allies gone” and while she returned to possible power, her game has been weakened severely. Read more

Moments of Weakness

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Typically in Big Brother, the show is defined by moments of Houseguests stepping up and becoming the great gamers we knew they could be. Rachel, as an example, won Big Brother 13 by stepping out of Brendon’s shadow and playing her own game. Two years ago, Ian showed the kind of player he was by engineering Mike “Boogie’s” eviction. This season, however, has seen a different focus. Time and time again, we have seen potentially great players fall victim to a moment of weakness in their game that changed the course of the season.

This week’s HoH run by Cody showed one such moment, and although it may prove beneficial in the long run his allowance of that weakness to come through proved to be game-changing once more.

Read more

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